We help small businesses define what makes them unique

rules for succesful branding:

#1 Know yourself.
#2 Know your customer.

“Be yourself; Apple is already taken.”

Being in business is like online dating - if you’re a short bald guy the fact is you’re not going to appear in searches for tall men with dark hair.

You could use Photoshop, but eventually you will have to meet in person.

If you offer the best customer service and warranty, but not the cheapest prices, marketing slogans like “You will LOVE our prices!” may get a customer through the door, but you will both end up dissapointed.

Articulating what makes your product or services unique will help you cultivate a customer base that aligns with who you authentically are, and, in turn, increase sales and help develop long term relationships.

Where we fit in

We’re that 3rd party perspective that can give you the straight facts.

When you’re the owner or general manager of a company, you are too close to the product to see it like your customers do.

Using research, data, and good old fashioned listening skills, we can help you define what your greatest strengths are and find a unique way to get that statement to your customers.

We'd love to listen