Never ask your clients what they want

Posted on March 03, 2016

It is not the job of the client to know what they want, it is the job of the client to know what their business goals are, the current problems they are experiencing, and for them to have a lot of knowledge about the product or service that they offer.

It is not your clients job to know what should be put in a website, that is your job. 

If a client is coming to you with a website that is already designed or they know the exact solution they need and they are just looking for someone to throw some code at it, that is not a web designers job. That is a perfect job for a developer who does not want to talk to anyone, does not want to add insight to the project, and would prefer to stay in their dark room and throw code at things. Not that there is anything wrong with that! 

Asking your client what they want is not doing justice to them or you. 

Listening to your client's frustrations, hopes and dreams, fears and motives and then asking a lot of really smart questions will start you on the path to discovering what they need

Do your research. 

Having robust conversations with your client is essential, but it is only a piece of the puzzle.  Your ultimate client is the customers that your client serves. 

Interviewing their customers and listening to their struggles and successes will allow you to design a website that not only meets your clients needs but will also fulfill the needs of their customers.